Xiaomi Mi5 Release Date

Official release date of Xiaomi Mi5

There’s been a lot of rumors around the official release date of Xiaomi Mi5 recently. Co-owner and one of the top mangers of the company Liwan Jiang has recently confirmed some of the technical characteristics of the smartphone and proclaimed the most actual release date of it.

Liwan Jiang confirmed that the Xiaomi Mi5 will be using Snapdragon 820 platform by Qualcomm. Although there were many sources predicting that, this is supposed to be the first official confirmation of the fact. Therefore he added that Xiaomi Mi5 has already been launched into production. The company is going to produce the pretty decent amount of the devices for the market. Liwan Jiang has recently confirmed that the smartphone is really worth waiting to obtain it.

The release of the Xiaomi Mi5 is supposed to break out after the Chinese New Year (7th to 13 of February). Well, it’s not a big deal to wait for it and get it in your pocket.