Fingerprint scanner named Sense ID

Xiaomi Mi5 will be equipped with ultrasound fingerprint scanner - Sense ID

Recently there has been a lot of news buzz around Xiaomi Mi5. This is weird but there is no any official information around. Therefore we can only rely on rumors that are conflicting sometimes.

The last leaked information confirms that Xiaomi Mi5 will be equipped with a fingerprint scanner. Existing today fingerprint scanners use various optic effects that lead to a range of problems: occurring scratches significantly reduce the scanning quality. In order to overcome this problem mobile phone manufacturers (firstly Apple) decided to use extra hard scratch resistant sapphire glass. The main disadvantage of it is its high cost. It is at least 10 times more expensive than Gorilla Glass. That reflects on a device total cost.

Xiaomi’s engineers found the way to overcome this problem. Xiaomi Mi5 will be equipped with a fingerprint scanner named Sense ID. It will use ultrasound effect instead of optical effect. That makes it unnecessary to use extra expensive glass cover.

Other information leaks confirm some of already known smartphone features. So there is no need to describe them in details.

Well, we are patiently looking forward to the official release of Xiaomi Mi5. Hopefully the Chinese manufacturer will nicely surprise us with an excellent device with top notch features and good price.